NewOldMoney  --  Bridge Loan Money to be Paid Back from Savings

Money is an interesting study when it is looked at in the concept of First Things First.  I recommend everyone looks at it to at least realize it is storage of trusted value reflecting a positive expectation.  The trusted value is widely understood so other transactions can be denominated based on the trust.  In the sense of the local US Dollar the trust is in ourselves and the positive expectation of the future.  Gold does not support the dollar because there is not enough gold to cover the positive expectation without becoming a constraint of supply and growth.  Barter systems and the Bit Coin are exotic holders of value trusted by some who are well informed to be good enough to carry a conversion to dollars that uses equity instead of debt.

But let us talk about monetizing value into a trusted storage medium of positive expectations.  When sand is mined out of the ground it has more value after the silicon processors than if it were still in the ground, but because of expectation the sand in the ground has value that can be monetized and the processed sand is stable enough in units to carry the value added.  A story is told about President Lincoln who created the Greenback Dollar on the faith and trust that the USA would continue as as nation with high positive expectations.  It was used to pay the wages for the limited unit value added of the northern soldier fighting the war for freedom envisioned in a positive expectation.  Borrowed money was too expensive for the northern part of the nation so loans with the English banks had to be and were avoided.  The USA did not have the currency to pay the soldier but had the equity in the good faith and trust in the future nation.  The constraint of no new money was broken by a policy change.

It is not acceptable to constrain the nation’s literacy and its freedom in the world because money does not exist to pay for the present value of positive expectations.  How this new money is created and folded into the value of the dollar can be simple or it can be exotic.  The point is the new money has to be created to form the foundation of Literacy is Freedom and the reality of a positive expectation.  Early Reading Skills Must Be Delivered.

Lincoln knew the war was not over with the South when the fighting stopped.  Had the currency to continue to pay for the literacy and freedom.  The nation was cutoff from this leadership when he was assassinated and never really got back to the war on poverty at the funded first things first level required to win it.

In our nation’s case, at this time, we can find the money in the budgets, borrow the money against the positive expectation or create the value added monetized money from our nation’s equity (deficit spending if interest was zero).  Any method of monetizing the Literacy is Freedom value creation relative to the massive money supply is warranted and has been demonstrated by Lincoln.  The minority cultures have to insist that the value be created and monetized.  There is no choice.  The constraint is artificial and of no substance and part of the status quo.

Money is everywhere, the government creates it leveraged off of the future everyday.  Our largest corporations store it, as equity, tax free overseas. Our largest corporations have equity in so many places to think they could not form venture collateral FTFRTFT efforts with school district is absurd. Define the positive expectation and ask for the pledge to support a tax revenue guaranteed school district loan is really straight forward getting to first things first.  

If the school district was to create a bridge loan to fund the delivery of early reading skills to the most at risk so that 100% ready to read could be achieved starting in kindergarten the bridge loan could be paid back from future expected title 1, special education, early special education and all other sorts of budgeted costs that would be eliminated BECAUSE OF READINESS. 

This would be a new development taking off from disciplines as old as western civilization.

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