​​Please look for:

  • Your part to pull the middle class out from under the bus and out of the ditch
  • Your simple role to promote what absolutely works without exception and without your financial contribution
  • 2 books explain a local blueprint; 2 books explain a quality is free process of local change 
  • 10 old concepts applied to the future 
  • ​Books and concepts pushed onto the structures from the bottoms up causing the need to innovate and promote.
  • Public and private systems of preschool and elementary education logistics tell us there is a first thing first to growth economics, education, emotions and ethics (ERSD-RA).
  • ERSD-RA will require a new commitment (influence) to be consistently delivered in its most basic form.
  • Present delivery and innovation will never get us (now or later) to 100% aligned for growth economics, education, emotions and ethics.
  • Private sector thinking (including the individual thinking inside the government, schools, and non-profits) could be made to believe the extra cost per year for 100% delivery of readiness  is already being spent; and could be saved inside the public systems with first things first right the first time deliveries.  This is a simple and basic concept.
  • All of private sector is needed to trigger best practice benefits that flow from mom’s positive individual expectations of self and family.  
  • Private Sector Must Lead to Individual Opportunity, or Else.
  • Each of us should read the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE for real and on this site.


USA VALUES, LLC. has provided Federal Congressman Kline feedback on the Head Start Program, as he requested of many on his list.  http://www.usa-positive-expectations.com/support-files/headstart.pdf  We also wanted to tie this feedback to our understanding on how to make Federal Congressman Ryan’s book published in 2013 The Way Forward work within our nation.  http://www.usa-positive-expectations.com/support-files/ryanletter.pdf 

This feedback in “letter and link form” covers much more than the above.  Our most far reaching feedback is here -- We suggest the private sector must influence the school district, mother and child to do first things first, absolutely first, and pay for it from savings within the education silos.  The private sector has a new and significant role in changing the influence over mother and child.  







Appropriated dollars at the federal level are converted to “gifts” so the money can give back in more ways. The dollars introduced as the NewOldMoney ultimately becomes gifted funds in LOCAL urban economic development because of LOCAL high quality is free continuous improvement driven by the LOCAL school district interface with the cultures.  The gift continues to give after that.  Changing the influence structure is critical to this thinking.

​​Open Letter to the Un-American  

or the USA Value Individual

To the Governors, Commissioners, Federal Congress, Federal Senate and the State Legislation - Beware that your structures need to be worked around to create adequate literacy and freedom for a nation that claims to be free.  To the education sector that heads up the structures that are not working to create the best practice literacy and freedom that our nation needs to be free.  We suggest you substantially mentor, plant, facilitate and explain laws like Minnesota Statute 120B.11 that push and pull the best practice into the grassroots responsibility.  Local leadership should consistently commit to use this push to demand the local creation of above the law age 0-6 literacy, order, safety, security, stability and freedom that would remove the constraints from themselves.  This is a new grassroots influence.

High quality is free and this would be done within the present budgets, but...  

The above is hard, but the end in mind is to eliminate the K-12 public education gap by adding early education based on the new brain development science.  Absolute best practice early education activity is required because it can not be redone before kindergarten.  We must get the growth education, economics, emotions and ethics right after 50-60 years of trying.  Top performances creating the top of the gap in K-12 urban education are still moving up within districts, state and the nation.  Why risk coming up short with this development and new influence?  Click here for the minimal education activities.  There are other activities, but the gap does not close unless 100% of the children start kindergarten with these skills. New activities must create really ready to read and count skills; mother and child influence must create a positive expectation.   

To the minority groups and leaders of the poor, this is your ticket out of the world of circular no growth opportunity by following the consumers (see below) in the grassroots to an expanded middle class.  Your platform to do this has been created.

  • Throw politics out of age 0-6 policy with 100% agreement to be ready in a grand bargain for equal proficiency at age 6.
  • Drop the politics of being influenced into accepting less because of reciprocity. Less quality for your child is not a good deal. Accept your individual commitment and consistency causing one to want the most for the least and then create a most and best opportunity from already demonstrated first things first literacy is freedom activity.  This is middle class growth in the USA society.
  • Accept the fact that your parent and community role would change if 100% of the children arrived at kindergarten really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations.  What you do for the kids determines the arc of their success for 85 years.  This is important.
  • Accept the fact that if laws need to be written to live with each other, it is because we don’t have the relative values inside ourselves to live above the law.  Change it using definitions of civility driven by the secular fruits of the spirit.
  • Accept that OUR government structures encourage the use of complex laws rather than the fruits of love, self-control, generosity, joy, peace, gentleness, humility, faithfulness, kindness, patience, goodness and the fear of God.  It is a fact that the money says in God We Trust, but ...  

To the business community with the handle on growth markets to help the minority groups and leaders of the poor understand and get around the structures to achieve middle class growth.  A demonstrated route to individual prosperity and freedom needs YOUR re-introduction and leadership back to our roots of cause-effect-cause innovation and continuous improvement.  We can not afford to move further from just doing first things first right the first time one size fits one.  You know the school sector longitudinal study will freeze bad structures in place when controlled by the federal or state governments, but... 

To the consumer in the grass root vertical and horizontal influence over the arc of the child’s future. YOUR money and your middle class could be growing the middle work influence / direction to make “literacy is freedom”.  Cast off the age 0-6 structures that prevent Best Practice Literacy is Freedom.  The   government rules to the common denominator without active influence.  Know that without 100% of the children being really ready to read before kindergarten the growth of the middle nation is constrained. Government is 9-5 happy and will rule more and more, with less and less growth.

The influence to best practice outcomes will flow from the private sector.  First there is no choice to the Grand Bargain and promoting it does not work without business expecting more sustainable customers from the middle class.  The following are required components to a local grand bargain.  These components, and maybe others such as churches and non-profits, can for sure be worked into the local minority leadership and the school district leadership.  Best practice early reading and math activity will lift the children into a best input for the K-12 school district and an immediate higher positive expectation for the area's education, economics, emotions and ethics growth.   

A.  The following is actionable now to create a more positive expectation.  At least read the ending regrets.

In full disclosure USA VALUES, LLC. is a for profit advertising and promotion company.  

Our minority and poor should be getting more influence from the private sector day to day business of doing first things first. Business is vested.  This is important.  More positive expectation and desire on the part of mom for her child, more help with influence on the part of the private sector.  Both sides of this local effort must come together within the message of doing First Things First Right The First Time. Both sides are truly vested in the best outcomes.  

The pre-k silo of the education sector is not right for the most at risk children.  It is constrained by regulation, leaning toward shorted universal coverage or accreditation without commitment to absolute best practice defined by demonstrated best outcomes.  The suburbs have more best practice effort going into the outcomes.  Comparisons show local disparities that are impossible to overcome.  Urban areas and structures without absolute high quality early education activities appear broken when in fact they are just started on footing that do not put the age 0-6 child with these activities first.  

The marketing sales letters following are designed to create market by prompting the minority and poor communities and their representatives to address 100% of the children with highest quality using present and future public money best in the delivery of children to kindergarten really ready to read. Everything mentioned is actionable now.  

Link Marketing Sales Letter 1

Link Marketing Sales Letter 2

Link Marketing Sales Letter 3

Link Marketing Sales Letter 4

Research in Clear Sight 

I hope you are paying attention to this 
because there is nothing like it, and; you are responsible, you are in position.

​To CEO’s and other Private sector Powerful Players and Structures


It is apparent that a private sector effort to deliver 100% of the at risk children really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations to kindergarten is surely needed.  It will emerge because the true customer (mom and family) cannot afford the regulated price of the delivery; plus, the regulated delivery process is absolutely designed from the top to not reach the 100% from the bottom, in time.  Creating the urban individual who sees growth education, economics, emotions and ethics for herself and her child has not been, but is an emerging priority.Best regards,

​B.  Working on Two Self Sustaining Platforms -- USA and Local Heroes Click and Lock

1.  This is a business of advertising and promotion.  

In introduction there is no way to move forward the public good without more simple private good and the building of individual assets and attributes of mother and child.  The arc of 85 future years does not have space for the many costs of being left behind.  

To start, mom and mentor, if required, has to internalize the concept of the Present Value of Positive Expectation from Pre-k is $500,000 at age 6 for the at risk child who has become really ready to read.  

To start Business has to want to send the universal message of doing First Things First Right The First Time.  Small business and real estate values are the first economic benefits.  A grand bargain for the minorities and the poor is short and long term education, economic, emotional and ethical growth that is impossible without the promotional influence of large and small business to work past the status quo first things first. 

This never ending focus on mother and mentor (points 1-8 below) is addressed directly and indirectly by the following communication program of business advertising and promotion.  Mother does not have to opt into this, it locally happens to her.  Focus just happens because local small, regional, state and national business starts making the point that there is virtue in doing first things first right the first time one size fits one to grow.

AND, based on that advertising and promotion, local school district minority and poor segments of the population should insist that their structures and children are really ready to read, count and understand positive expectations starting kindergarten using laws like this Minnesota Statute 120B.11.  

This can become the measure of doing first things first to avoid the gaps being created in education and economics.  If minority and poor segments of our society do not insist on this, progress can not be made. 

1.  To Whom it Concerns click here
2.  Influence click here
3.  Home Page click here
4.  Save the children and other commentary click here
5.  An example of the email from the private sector.  Link included in #4 above.
6.  An example of the USAVALUE coupon within the private sector.  Link included in #4 above.

7.  The special words in an email and on the landing page. Click here

8. Legislative restructuring of Head Start.  click here

We can not forget, like it or not, Head Start requires change delivered from the point of the spear because it is the major structure used by the federal and state governments to reach the minority and poor communities with readiness for kindergarten.  It is a massive 1500+ top down outreach without best practice outcomes that will continue to get it wrong without a first things first focus.  

The private sector's interface with the public sector could change dramatically the nature of the NewOldMoney (new policy) influence being used to reach and help the minority and poor. The many early growth education, economics, emotions and ethic issues, policies and structures could fall into line based on a strategic gift of this.  Locally this has to be figured out without diluting the concept of a gift.  ​


2.  As a local hero you are challenged to think and design better policy 

than this.  However, new policy to create new money (NewOldMoney) is required.  

You are also challenged to think about this proposal as if it were backed personally by someone on the Fortune 1000 list or the Corporate Fortune 1000 list.  Or, even a corporation like Blackwater, on the outside of possible, who knows its way around the halls of money in advance of performance.  USA VALUES, LLC is proposing to use exactly what has been used in the suburban early education programs as best practice simply summarized here.  Understand there is no way to get around this.  

1.   Paul Ryan - "The Way Forward"

2.  The Whole Nation Uses a Gift for a 4 time Blessing

3.  Make Uncertain Promise Zones Certain

4.  Status Quo in the Way of Best Practice and 100% Certain

5.  You Create - Current and Future Reality Trees

6.  Dear Representative of Minority Citizen

7.  Your School District Will Help You Create the 21st Century Culture 

8.  Opportunity for the next 35 years


C.  Regrets when leadership does not see ERSD-RA as first things first. 

​​Regrets, that we do not see the one most important outcome to create gap reduction is first things first early reading skills deliveries prior to kindergarten.  We inoculate children early in life, we comply with safety belt laws, children car seat laws and are still learning there are true first things first for the child and school district that we are missing.

There is a sensitive period to learning language  that regretfully cannot be recovered when it is missed. Because that period is early in the life of a child it plays significantly in the arc of positive expectation after the age of 6.  The arc over 85 years is seriously impacted by the first 6.  Regrets for those who would set out to allow the miss of this sensitive period.  Who, what leaders say OMG we can't allow that miss?  Who, what leaders, send their regrets when the period is missed?  It has been missing for our most at risk since the reset of requirements created by the civil war! 

Regrets that the pain of literacy is freedom still haunts our nation's structures and our leaders routinely allow that miss!

It is common sense Socratic that world level success for kids depends on strong families, communities and schools.  When families are not strong, (mother) the government must do more.  Page 14 of the Absorbent Mind and page 98 of the Reroute The Preschool Juggernaut clearly call for attention to the child. Writings at least 60 years apart.  It would be strategic and accountable to the funding of NewOldMoney to recognize preschool is only the beginning of what must be done.  School districts have unique opportunities to align change and create benefits with the much improved readiness that they themselves could cause to happen in collaboration with the mom, community, and culture before kindergarten.  Who, what leaders, send their regrets when this opportunity is missed?

One cannot claim to be an effective decision maker when risks to being behind the best outcomes are still not addressed for those we are counting on for real incremental change.  Soft bigotry of low standards is exactly what we have when our systems are recreated without taking the expected outcomes for pre-k in our urban areas all the way to being best practice really ready to read.  This is withholding equity in assets that our most at risk could create and own but will not.   Who, what leaders, send their regrets when this opportunity is missed?

Preschool gains will not fad when they are cognitive and are followed by grade schools that are accountable to those exact gains.  This alignment clearly should exist but does and will not given our current top down development direction without pre-k outcome requirements.  This alignment could not be missed if we used a bottoms up development direction.  Who at the top wants to work from the bottom?  Our status quo power has the bottom locked out by who's authority.   

Regrets that our most at risk are trusting that we have their back, and they are surprised to learn over the longer term that the devil is in the details and the status quo privilege will not give up the power to actually be clear about the requirements.