There is a first things first to do.  It is Socratic (click here)

USA VALUES want a new risk reduction delivered locally with all the virtues of success accountable to the community / culture and the school district.  The Structures must insert ERSD-RA into the priority for each and every age 0-6 child.  The child during the sensitive period to learning language can not do it alone.  Everyone already agrees it is high risk to come out of the sensitive period not reading.  Even the goals of reading by grade 3 are low and full of soft bigotry.   

Officially what we say here is not brilliant.  It is like FTFRTFT, built on what others have said.  But others have not gone to the pain of stating that it is first things first and it is paid for if we make it so.  These statements and this website tied to the public service message should be all we need to get stated.


Really, there may be 100 ways to write this but really only one FIRST THING FIRST (FTF) to do. Please discuss it. The progress for the child and the whole local area
starts as soon as the one size fits one pre-k delivery starts.  Not based on past studies but rather based on the commitment to innovate like other important segments of the economy.

The Truth,  Without the gift of Early Reading Skills all children are behind before they even start kindergarten.

The Gift,  Only an individual gift delivers early reading skills at age 2, 3, 4 and 5. This gift is the key to opportunity. It is society’s best (effective and lowest cost) approach to preparing the most at-risk to want opportunities, choices and engagement because of past success.

The Focus,  When 100% of the children start kindergarten ready to read English the urban school has excess resources to meet the larger requirement.  K-12 Schools are vested but not funded in the goal of 100% readiness. 

Plus Three lines of direction to be clear (premise): 

 1.  School districts themselves must define and deliver to their system 100% of the children ready to read, count, and understand positive direction.  The science does not provide a pass on this.  This is early reading skills delivered (ERSD-RA) district by district FTF assuming the child has reasonable health, shelter, food and normal/special consideration.  When the child arrives at kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive direction the present value of his/her positive expectation is $500,000 greater than if he/she is not ready.  This is a picture, a vision, a belief; it is supported by what we have reason to believe and is simply actionable, now.  

2.  Work is to deliver the child ready.  The work must be done – every child, everywhere, in every district.  Home schooling per the district requirement is fine. Mom should get automatic help if she needs it.  Good work is to be celebrated.  Every child should celebrate (like a birthday) when they experience the joy of getting the code (it) before the age of 5; because then the child’s positive expectation includes the world; simply because the child can code and decode. 

3.  Every school district that has worked the community to deliver 100% of the children to kindergarten ready to read should expect all past problems to be different opportunities into the future.  The district that makes the commitment to 100% should take title 1 and special education money as a block of funding from the federal and state to restructure itself over 10 years as the new reading and readiness talents tranche through the grades and the requirements starting with being ready to
read, count and understand positive direction.

4.  ***********  It is important that school districts be paid for actual learning delivered per child (evidence by the individual learning program) so that 2 years of learning can be earned in one year.  Just this will make the school districts a hot bed of innovation and savings.  The fact that this does not happen now is a frank policy constraint on education throughput that among others is not addressed.


Disparities and Race    ............

We would agree with the thinking of organizations like Policy Link that it is time to make certain that every person in the USA has a fair chance to freedom and opportunity.  Words don't make it so but Literacy does.  Literacy is Freedom.  To miss what life has to offer because of literacy is the shame of our last 150 plus years. It is the pain of our nation.

Early Reading Skills Delivered is a pain pill but more is required of everyone to be certain the inoculation is supported.  There is more than enough written about race and disparities but not nearly enough written about literacy is freedom.  It is really hard for all experts to agree that we have missed this first things first building block for so long.

Link The President and O'Reilly Sparing and never gets to first things first.

Policy Link These type of reports abound.  The key to leaving  poverty is a good job, the risk reduction over the long term is literacy.  Market driven gap busting literacy starts early and maximizes the benefits of the sensitive period to learning language for all cultures.  The password is MNTomorrow

All Cultures and communities need to find ways to stop creating more needs for remediation (do early reading skills delivered) while doing what it does.  Early reading skills means proficient graduation from high school; means fewer disengaged; fewer societal costs paid by others; fewer out of wedlock births paid by others; means more post secondary graduations; means more wealth for individuals and their cultures.  When we lock onto the PVofPE-Prek as value ($500,000 each), we deliver readiness, the first reflection of that increase in value is the child"s PVofPE-Prek and then it is local individual and small business real estate values.    

Congressman Ryan says he want a new deal for those who are poor.  Congressman Ryan is very close to the power to make changes.  He wants the power to make changes closer to the war on poverty.  Washington D.C. has no idea of the local source of poverty.  

More support for Congressman Ryan

Everyone says they want a new deal for those who are poor.  Talk is cheap and our nation is in pain.