The private sector gift is created at the federal, state and local levels and exists for any mother at risk of having her child not really ready to read before kindergarten. 

Gaining or missing the status of literacy is freedom will influence mom.

Rule is if mom says her child is at risk, the child is at risk. 

No other consideration is required. 

The gift is painful to accept because of the commitment, and more painful if not accepted.

The ERSD-RA program can start without the final highest level gift from the private sector process being completed. 

The program can start because it is above the law from the private sector.

National, Regional, and Local Advertising hits the consumer's email inbox.

The concept that Early Literacy is Freedom (various wording is allowed) is the same as FIRST THINGS FIRST RIGHT THE FIRST TIME ONE SIZE FITS ONE.  This is impressed by the private sector on the public sector.

The 1,000,000 email march is created for a local school district and the gift to mom with an at risk child is funded automatically. 

The local ERSD-RA program starts and could include all of the following

Baby Calendar is delivered to each mother.  (Advertising Specialties are used)
Reading Rooms emerge from local churches and other early attention to the child.
2 years (age 3-4 and 4-5) ($5,000 per year for 2 years; $10,000) are used to deliver

Really Ready To Read Skills to the child and to the school district.
School districts contract with mentors for deliveries. 

Mentor contract is accountable and is a private sector business. 

It remains at all times a one on one with mentor, mother, child and district. 

It is full of the highest standards of commitment, consistency,

truth, love, forgiveness, demonstration and accountability. 

Testing is not required.

Local Leadership Forms

Literacy is Freedom; it is a culture issue concern --

that the gift of love and forgiveness from and to the private sector emerges. 

Hug all age 0-6 children as they become really ready to read.
Private Sector promotional messaging via social media, email and a monthly flyer.
Chief of Operations to oversee the district’s efforts to contract for delivery and throughput.

Throughput accounting is established measuring the delivery of readiness.

Opportunity emerges in the face of every challenge   

School District Pays for ERSD-RA Program

School district draws funds from the gifting source to make the payments to the mentor.
School district uses Theory of Constraints Continuous Improvement

to create NewOldMoney for payback in 8 or less years.

The gift was to mother and child, not the school district
School district pays back the loan to the local economic development agency

to create local jobs as a gift back to the local private sector.

Local Cultural Fatherhood Groups

Local Cultural Fatherhood Groups will morph to above the law, pass it forward, protect mentor, mom and school district, providing safety and security for the networks making up the local family unit.  Delivered really ready to read and count skills is the pacing horse to the new God given individual values, assets, attributes and positive expectations one learns at home and at school.

Rebuilding this individual way is difficult.  It now has real known and unknown victims and some of that will continue.  It will be a different and difficult social umbrella and puzzle that requires fatherhood with a pinpoint above the law focus on the child.   The culture’s fatherhood groups need to be built around love and the fruits of the spirit providing the safety and security to cause the value in the gift. 

Early Childhood Education creates Economic Development Corporation Funding

and jobs; just as fast as the local school district can align

repayments based on highest quality inputs to kindergarten;

within the theory of innovation and continuous improvement.

The gift of NewOldMoney can be originally traced from the

private sector investment and is recreated for repayment

by the school district doing much higher quality delivery as a form of forward giving  

and payback to create new local jobs within the area of the district . 

The end in mind is to have the private sector indignant when a child starts kindergarten not really ready to read.  The business, minority community, and school district are joined at the hip of local economic development.  Private sector includes every individual. 


A USA VALUES, LLC Grand New Bargain

A New Deal that is Real for Mom 

Jobs, jobs and more local jobs are created by the gift of NewOldMoney from the private sector.

The Declaration of Independence

is already written, ratified and earned with

240 years of blood.  The USA will bleed for other sovereigns.   

Life, liberty and the pursuits of happiness

are built into our borders, and they also bleed.  

Literacy is freedom and the
way forward to a positive expectation. 

No Choice for the middle; USA growth pressures from the
bottom;  a gift is always at least twice blessed.

Stumbling to realize there are no alternatives to literacy
is freedom to reduce the pain of growth. 

I cannot breath, I cannot be what I cannot see, I am not free.

Literacy is freedom, I may need a hand up to be the best I can be.

Mom said - I must read to succeed;

Literacy is freedom, Mom said I must read. 

The blind spot, the bottleneck, first things first truth –

right the first time is often out of my sight

What if I did age 0-6 for the future 85 years of positive expectation? 

Who has this map for me?

Could I draw a future reality tree of a positive expectation

from doing first things first?

It is over, if we don’t see the future of the child

through the eyes of mother to also be our future  

Doing only what the federal money allows for at risk age 0-6,

after competition, adjusted to top down requirements.  Stupid!

This will limit any above the law common sense

expectation for us or mom or child. 

-Undermanned first 6 years of a 85 year future arc for our children

- Constrained by banker’s money creating the bottleneck - stumbling stupidity

-Risk reduction is often not seen in time


You can help link everyone you know to ABOUT US.  Everyone is needed as explained on that page.


This appeal is mirrored here from  

to clarify the whole idea.

 This outline (site) simply challenges local leadership to do what has already been done with budgeted money that already
exists, as already demonstrated.

Minority Leaders-- The continuous improvement is assured 
by simply requiring the district do first things first, 
right the first time as loosely outlined within this site.  


USA VALUES LLC is a start-up advertising, promotion, and public relations company building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand. It sells advertising and provides "free" communication services (supported by local advertising dollars) for the purpose of educating and changing attitudes. The requirement is that 100% (each and every) child must have early reading skills, be counting, and understand positive direction entering kindergarten. As a first step, we are creating a company that delivers a public service message to consumers from the local business private sector who must advertise.

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