6 child is hardly mentioned by this education expert.  Society hardly knows this upside exists reflecting a local possible simple strategy, most likely already in operation across our nation, that has no pedagogical risk.  We are not proposing more use of Montessori Schools, but are proposing the use of its language pedagogy or something like it as the universal insert to insure local early reading skills delivered from the bottoms up for risk reduction.

5.  Continuous improvement cannot be discussed without mentioning leadership, courage, discipline and commitment to the Return on Investment.  Leveraging of equity investments to innovation and savings from a positive expectations in uncharted development needs steady leadership.  Steady leadership is the subject of constant chatter, books, blogs and organizational development. Eli Goldratt with the Theory and Science of Constraints around the goal of more throughput, less in process risk and lower total costs make us more first things first wise.  A $500,000 per child present value of a positive expectation for being ready to read at age 6 should be enough to turn our communities upside down.    

Business professionals from all angles and education executives have a vested interest in changes that reflect a return to growth expectations. This blog reflects the appeal to big business to provide the local courage to innovate.  This blog reflects the appeal to encourage School Districts and Governments to innovate.  Monetary innovation will flow from the  FTFRTFT, PVofPE-Prek, and NewOldmoney beliefs created from the Socratic Elements on this site. In this effort planned properly, the school district and teachers retain the benefit of risking innovation and savings.          

Public school districts and minority cultures are incomplete without actively driving the first service cycle to understand traditional paths of USA freedom, hope, available assets and happiness, risk reduction and opportunity.  Closing the disparities in education, economics, emotions, and ethics within our structures is a constant process pitted against the status quo majority.   USA VALUES, LLC starts here with uniquely defined first thing first combination of references and knowledge:


1.  There is not a better place to be than in the USA given the scale of diversity, freedom of speech, and population size. Truly this is a best but imperfect land of freedom and opportunity that balances the individuals private and public interest. The world has an interest in our success and progress.  Our nation has not done its best work yet.

2.  High Quality Concepts developed in the last 40 years supporting goal setting exist but are not in wide spread public sector use (opportunity). This has most developers frustrated with the status quo reflections and continuous improvements of the demonstrated dependent event systems.  Change management can be a simple science when given a steady and dedicated platform. Iconic developments include those of Philip Crosby, Stephen Covey and Eli Goldratt who build the first things first right the first time concepts of requirements into change management. 

3.  The Absorbent Mind of age 0-6 children as revealed by Maria Montessori 70 to 100 years ago is still a great initial presentation of marketplace return on investment in the important arena of human brain development.  It is a demonstrated successful light to positive expectations for our most at risk. The pedagogy developed for the at risk is leveraged today with highest expectations by our upper levels of society.  

4.  Rerouting the Preschool Juggernaut written in 2009 by Chester E. Finn Jr. is a great initial presentation of the world we live in and the uphill climb needed to remove disparities. Society must find what is first things first, to avoid what is now revealed as a real risk to making no progress in a lifetime.  In this presentation of our Pre-k complex the opportunity presented by Universal Pre-k is not enough. The Absorbent Mind of the age 0-

The end in mind is that USA VALUES, LLC. will be a start-up advertising, promotion, and public relations company building the "Early Reading Skills Delivered -- Ringing Advantages" brand. It sells advertising and provides "free" communication services (supported by local advertising dollars) for the purpose of changing attitudes via the Public Service Message.

The requirement is that 100% (each and every) child must have early reading skills, be counting, and understand positive direction entering kindergarten to be "USA ADVANTAGED IN FREEDOM". This will impact the local school district beyond the state's influence; requiring innovation, savings and new goals because of higher quality inputs. 

The company will not locally start-up and press forward with the business plan sending the local message until the school district with its mother lode of spending is inclined to do everything under the law possible to deliver the most at risk to kindergarten ready to read, count and understand positive expectations as they and the community / culture so define it.  In many examples the district inclination is not clear without the voice of the culture / community who are primed by concern with their arc of growth for the most at risk.     

Our Company at a Glance

Inside This Knowledge ​continued

Inside This Knowledge ​continued