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Why are we building the lives of our most at risk kids with cards?  Risk reduction before the age of 6 is first things first important based on the arc of 85 years of expectation.  Just duplicate how others are doing it for six short years.   This thinking has to change and it must create the emotion that is strong enough to win the action in the pre-k education arena against the status quo of doing almost the same thing over and over again.

Really, there may be 100 ways to write this but
really only one FIRST THING FIRST (FTF) to do. Please discuss its cause effect cause. The progress for the child and the whole local area starts as soon as the one size fits one pre-k delivery starts.  Not based on past studies but rather based on the cause effect cause commitment to innovate like other important segments of the economy.


The Truth,   Without the gift of Early Reading Skills all children are behind before they even start kindergarten.

The Gift,  Only an individual gift delivers early reading skills at age 2, 3, 4 and 5. This gift is the key to opportunity. It is society’s best (effective and lowest cost) approach to preparing the most at-risk to want opportunities, choices and engagement because of past success.

The Focus, When 100% of the children start kindergarten ready to read English the urban school has excess resources to meet the larger requirement. K-12 Schools are vested but not funded in the goal of 100% readiness.


​The parents of those at risk must insist that school districts reach into the community to do first things first right the first time and at least make the funding do first things first.  Take funding from somewhere else to do this first.  No Choice!

ERSD-RA   Early Reading Skills Delivered - Ringing Advantage

FTF  First Things First

FTFRTFT  First Things First Right

the First Time Quality Improvement

PVofPE-Prek   Present Value of

Positive Expectations from Pre-K

NewOldMoney   Bridge Loan Money

to be Paid Back from Savings

Disparities and Race   ............

High Quality  Workable Concepts ....

Early Reading Skills Delivered, No Choice - First Thing First - Avoids the Education and Economic Gaps

USA VALUES, LLC. is almost without original thought.  It puts workings from other iconic developments together as requirements.  We suggest that a true solution exists using several iconic developments and almost true stories that have become iconic. Such are easily purposed to benefit our most at risk age 0-6 citizens.

The purpose is to start the arc to a substantially higher positive expectation, based on a Socratic risk reducing first things first delivery of ERSD-RA.

We urge you to click to the company page for our thoughts inside of our iconic nation and on the street developments over the last 50 years that make a difference.

The following elements are actionable inside or outside the systems that will drive new attitudes and new individual actions. These actions will create more positive expectation.  Click to the pages.  ​      

Socratic Elements ​continued  

This website calls for the minority culture communities to engage the school districts for the pedagogy and new money that will deliver the children ready to read as defined. This website defines ready to read as ERSD-RA.

Without recourse or remorse in its relationship with the powerful status quo the concept that universal preschool will deliver the at risk children ready, to avoid the gap, is just not true. This site supports the thinking of education innovators like Chester E. Finn Jr. as he published Reroute the Preschool Juggernaut calling on a primary pointing to the most at risk.

There are economic reasons that all children must be ready to read before kindergarten and we wish with this site that school districts would create a process of ERSD-RA to help the most at risk without positioning that it cannot be done with present money in the "systems". Take away that universal pre-k is not enough and the money is in the system to avoid the gap before kindergarten.


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